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The RASFX VGOS GPU Based Software Correlator

Авторы: I. Surkis, V. Ken, Y. Kurdubova, N. Mishina, V. Mishin, V. Shantyr, D. Zhuravov, V. Zimovsky

Журнал: Труды ИПА РАН вып. 41

Страницы: 123–126

Год: 2017

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Ключевые слова: VLBI, VGOS, Correlator

The RASFX correlator is a VGOS compatible software correlator designed in the IAA RAS. The correlator is capable of processing data at maximum rate of 16 Gb/s from each station in near-real time mode (up to 6 stations simultaneously). Distinctive feature of the RASFX correlator is the usage of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) for the Fourier transformation, spectra multiplication, PCal extraction and bits repacking. Regular VLBI data processing with the correlator started in November 2015. More than 900 sessions were processed from that moment by December 2016. The results of processing are used for UT1-UTC determination.