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The S/X/Ka Receiving System for Radio Telescope RT-13 of the “Quasar” VLBI Network

Авторы: V. Chernov, A. Evstigneev, O. Evstigneeva, D. Ivanov, A. Ipatov, I. Ipatova, E. Khvostov, A. Lavrov, V. Mardyshkin, I. Pozdnyakov, Y. Vekshin, M. Zotov

Журнал: Труды ИПА РАН вып. 41

Страницы: 79–84

Год: 2017

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Ключевые слова: VLBI, geodesy, tri-band receiver, 13.2 antenna

IAA RAS has already made the radio interferometer which consists of two radio telescopes with dish diameter of 13.2 m. Each radio telescope is equipped with a specially designed receiving system. The main feature of this system is the cryogenic receiving unit that includes cooled triband feed and low-noise amplifiers (LNA). Feed design allows to receive signals in three frequency bands S (2.2–2.6 GHz), X (7.0–9.5 GHz) and Ka (28–34 GHz) for both circular polarizations (LCP and RCP) simultaneously.