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About the Interaction of the "Citadel" Planetary Defense System with the Missi- le-Space Defense Systems

Авторы: B. I. Semyonov, S. N. Torgovkin, V. V. Treckin, A. V. Zaitsev

Журнал: Protecting the Earth against Collisions with Asteroids and Comet Nuclei In: A. M. Finkelstein, W. F. Huebner, V. A. Shor (Eds) Proceedings of the International Conference “Asteroid-Comet Hazard-2009”, StP: Nauka, 402–406

Год: 2010

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Ключевые слова: Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Near Earth Objects (NEOs), "Citadel" planetary defense system, dangerous celestial bodies (DCBs), potentially hazardous objects (PHOs), asteroids and comet nuclei, planetary safety, International Planetary Defense System (PDS), permanent alert, Missile-Space Defense systems, interaction

Dangerous celestial bodies (DCBs) also known as potentially hazardous objects (PHOs), i. e., asteroids and comet nuclei with dimensions of tens to hundreds of meters in diameter, can be detected several days to weeks before impacting Earth [1]. One of possible ways of ensuring planetary safety is the creation of the International Planetary Defense System (PDS) "Citadel" [2]. One level of this system, "Citadel-1" [3], must be on a permanent alert and interacting with the Missile-Space Defense systems [4]