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  1. S. Frey, O. Titov, A. E. Melnikov, P. de Vicente, F. Shu: High-resolution radio imaging of two luminous quasars beyond redshift 4.5 // Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 618, A68 (2018)
  2. S V Pilipenko, Y Y Kovalev, A S Andrianov, U Bach, S Buttaccio, P Cassaro, G Cimò, P G Edwards, M P Gawroński, L I Gurvits, T Hovatta, D L Jauncey, M D Johnson, Yu A Kovalev, A M Kutkin, M M Lisakov, A E Melnikov, A Orlati, A G Rudnitskiy, K V Sokolovsky, C Stanghellini, P de Vicente, P A Voitsik, P Wolak, G V Zhekanis: The high brightness temperature of B0529+483 revealed by RadioAstron and implications for interstellar scattering // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 474, Issue 3, 3523–3534 (2018)
  3. P. de Vicente: Technical Status and Developments of the EVN // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 40, 51–58 (2017)
  4. F. J. Beltrán, L. Barbas, P. de Vicente, R. Sánchez: Design of a Control System to Use Twin Radio Telescopes Simultaneously in VLBI // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 41, 28–31 (2017)
  5. Alexander Neidhardt, Pablo de Vicente, Alessandra Bertarini, Thomas Artz, Sebastian Halsig, Dmitry Ivanov, Alexey Melnikov, Johannes Böhm, Andreas Hellerschmied, David Mayer, Christian Plötz, Gerhard Kronschnabl, Axel Nothnagel, Sergei Kurdubov, Andrey Mikhailov, Dmitry Marshalov, Ilia Bezrukov, Yu. Bondarenko: First Results of the FAST-S/X Sessions with New VGOS Antennas // IVS 2016 General Meeting Proceedings "New Horizons with VGOS", Edited by Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong NASA/CP-2016-219016, 96–100 (2016)