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New Opportunities of the Computing−Analytical Complex for Predicting Collisions of the Earth with Asteroids and Comets

Авторы: Yu. A. Chernetenko, O. M. Kochetova, V. A. Shor, D. E. Vavilov, T. A. Vinogradova, N. B. Zheleznov

Журнал: Труды ИПА РАН вып. 41

Страницы: 103–106

Год: 2017

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Ключевые слова: Asteroids, comets, collision with the Earth

Among new additional possibilities of the complex the computation of a strip of risk on the Earth surface is described. Within limits of a strip a collision with a body can be possible under certain conditions, even if the nominal orbit of the body passes by the Earth. Predicting of collisions of bodies with the Moon is considered. Operation of the complex nowadays is reflected in real time in the form of the dataful table about past and forthcoming approaches of bodies with the Earth and the Moon.