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Correlation Processing System for “Spectr-R” (Radioastron) Spacecraft Beacon Signal

Авторы: V. Y. Mishin, I. F. Surkis, N. A. Mishina, V. A. Shantyr, V. F. Zimovsky, Y. L. Kurdubova

Журнал: Труды ИПА РАН вып. 41

Страницы: 89–94

Год: 2017

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Ключевые слова: RadioAstron, beacon, spacecraft, correlation processing, software

The paper describes the RadioAstron space radio telescope beacon signal processing technique and a brief review of the software package used for data processing. The beacon emits monochromatic signal at 8.4 GHz. Observations were carried out at “Quasar” VLBI network, data was processed using the software package designed in IAA RAS. The package consists of the ephemeris, correlation processing, postprocessing and GUI utilities implemented with C++ with Qt 4.8 and qwt 6.0 frameworks.