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The Tunguska Catastrophe is the Consequence of a Series of Explosions of Comet Nucleus Fragments

Авторы: G. A. Nikolsky, G. A. Nikolsky, Yu. D. Medvedev, Yu. D. Medvedev, E. O. Schultz, E. O. Schultz

Журнал: Protecting the Earth against Collisions with Asteroids and Comet Nuclei In: A. M. Finkelstein, W. F. Huebner, V. A. Shor (Eds) Proceedings of the International Conference “Asteroid-Comet Hazard-2009”, StP: Nauka, 179–183

Год: 2010

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Ключевые слова: Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Near Earth Objects (NEOs), the Tunguska catastrophe, the Tunguska event (TE), explosions of comet nucleus fragments, intrude into the Earth's atmosphere, origin of tandem comet nucleus fragments, detonation of tandem comet nucleus fragments, disintegration of tandem comet nucleus fragments, meteorological consequences, climatic consequences, atmospheric consequences, geomagnetic consequences

In this work the author's concept of the Tunguska event (TE) is briefly submitted. For the first time in history of Tunguska research the generalized concept of all essential phenomena starting with the most probable origin of tandem comet nucleus fragments intruding into the Earth's atmosphere up to the detonation of these products and the disintegration and meteorological, climatic, atmospheric, and geomagnetic consequences of this event is presented