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  1. Dan Aksim, Dmitry Pavlov: On the Extension of Adams–Bashforth–Moulton Methods for Numerical Integration of Delay Differential Equations and Application to the Moon’s Orbit // Mathematics in Computer Science, 14, 103–109 (2020)
  2. Jing Sun, Jinsong Ping, Yuri Bondarenko, Dmitry Marshalov, Fengchun Shu, Jianfeng Cao, Songtao Han, Lue Chen, Wen Chen: Promoting Earth-Based Radar Astronomical Observations of the Moon // Sensors, 20(7), 1874 (2020)
  3. D. Marshalov, O. Pons Rodriguez, Yu. Bondarenko, V. Suvorkin, I. Bezrukov, S. Serzhanov: RUSSIAN-CUBAN GNSS SERVICE FOR MONITORING AND ANALYSIS OF GEOPHYSICAL PARAMETERS // REVISTA CUBANA DE FISICA, Vol. 37, №1, 73–76 (2020)
  4. D. Marshalov, Jinsong Ping, Wenxiao Li, Minqyuan Wang, Jing Sun, Yu. Bondarenko, M. Vasilyev, E. Yagudina: 3-Way Lunar Radio Ranging Experiment on RT-32 Radio Telescopes // Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, V. 57, I. 1-2, 22–27 (2020)
  5. Dmitry Pavlov: Role of lunar laser ranging in realization of terrestrial, lunar, and ephemeris reference frames // Journal of Geodesy, 94 (2020)
  6. Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov, A. Maklakov, J. Sun: Search for the Transmitting Antenna on Earth by Observing its Signals Reflected from the Moon // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 13–16 (2020)
  7. V. V. Zuev, A. V. Pavlinskii, D. P. Mordus, G. N. Ilin, V. Yu. Bykov, O. Eu. Nechepurenko: Results of Radiometric Measurements of Atmospheric Parameters over Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg, Russia) // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 3–8 (2020)
  8. A. E. Rodin, V. V. Oreshko, V. A. Potapov: Principles of Space Navigation Using Pulsars // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 46–50 (2020)
  9. D. A. Sokolov, O. M. Oleinik-Dzyadik, I. S. Silvestrov: Reference Measuring Complex of Length within the Range up to 60 m from the State Primary Special Standard of a Unit of Length // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 63–67 (2020)
  10. T. V. Danilova, M. A. Arkhipova, M. A. Maslova: Autonomous Astronomical Method of Spacecraft Tracking // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 17–22 (2020)
  11. A. V. Saltsberg, E. V. Timoshenkova, K. G. Shupen: Space Environment Effect on the Onboard Clock Behavior // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 57–62 (2020)
  12. D. A. Trofimov, S. D. Petrov, Yu. A. Serov, I. V. Chekunov, S. S. Smirnov, A. S. Grishina, K. V. Zheltova, O. A. Troshichev: Determination of the Total Electronic Content of the Ionosphere over the Vostok Station Using GNSS Observations // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 68–71 (2020)
  13. A. V. Saltsberg, K. G. Shupen: Extended Scheme of Satellite Clock Time Offset Prediction Using the Unequal Accuracy Data // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 51–56 (2020)
  14. V. B. Pudlovskiy, D. S. Pecheritsa, A. A. Karaush: Estimation of the Influence of the External Generator Frequency on the Relative Phase Measurements of the GLONASS Signals // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 40–45 (2020)
  15. E. A. Karaush, D. S. Pecheritsa: Estimation of Inter-Frequency Delays of Navigation Satellites // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 27–30 (2020)
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