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Masses of some binary asteroids obtained by the dynamical method

Authors: Yu. Chernetenko, O. Kochetova

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS вып. 26, 17–22

Year: 2012

Keywords: binary asteroid, mass of asteroid, dynamical method

The method of regularization of A.N. Tikhonov was used in this paper along with the least squares method on a stage of solution of the ill-conditioned systems of linear equations to determine masses of asteroids by the dynamical method. To compare the efficiency of these methods we have determined masses of several binary asteroids: 22, 45, 87, 90, 107, 121, 130, 283, 617, and 762 using optical observations of a number of perturbed asteroids (test particles) in common solution for each perturbing asteroid. For these asteroid values of their masses were obtained by other authors using observations of satellites. Therefore these masses derived by other method were used for comparison with our estimations. The obtained results are discussed and some recommendations are drown