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Multiple Simultaneous Gamma-Ray Emission Sites in 3c 84

Authors: J. A. Hodgson, S. S. Lee, B. Rani, J. C. Algaba

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS vol. 41

Pages: 69–72

Year: 2017

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Keywords: VLBI, γ-rays

The mis-aligned active galactic nuclei (AGN), 3C 84, has been observed approximately monthly at four frequencies simultaneously (22–129 GHz) on the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) since 2013 as part of the interferometric monitoring of γ-ray bright AGN (iMOGABA) program. 3C 84 is known to have to sites of bright radio emission, with the first thought to be near the central super-massive black hole and the second in a slowly moving emission feature, several milliarcseconds south of the core. Analysis of this data suggests that the highly variable γ-ray emission originates near the SMBH and the slowly rising γ-ray emission originates in the slow moving feature.