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Multiface Unity

Authors: L. I. Matveyenko

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS vol. 40

Pages: 128–133

Year: 2017

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Keywords: VLBI, AGN, masers

Our studies of the fine structure of active regions of star formation Orion KL, W3OH, and AGN objects: 3C 84, M 87, 1803+784, 3C345, 3C454.3 NGC 4258, Cyg A, that are corresponding to the vortex. Instability of progressive movement leads to a turbulence. The matter floats onto the disk, and transferred in a spiral arm to the center. Excess angular momentum in process of accumulation is caring away by a bipolar out flower. The Keplerian movement of peripheral part of a whirlwind turns into rigid body rotation. The rest of matter drops out on the formed massive body. The bipolar out flowers represent the rotating coaxial tubes. Interaction with surrounding matter collimates and accelerates streams. In plasma generated ring currents — magnetic fields. The jet is moving along the magnetic field — accelerating and the counter jet against — deaccelerating.