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e-EVN Observations of AM Herculius

Authors: M. P. Gawroński, K. Katarzynński, G. Rycyk

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS vol. 40

Pages: 84–88

Year: 2017

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Keywords: VLBI, Astrometry, magnetic cataclysmic variables, AM Herculis

AM Herculis is the prototype of the class of magnetic cataclysmic variables called Polars. We conducted an astrometric survey of AM Her with the e-EVN at 5 GHz in years 2012–2013, and made a new distance estimation (88.4±1.5 pc). We were able to detect the AM Her quiescent radio emission in the range 0.18–0.37 mJy. We also present evidence that the AM Her quiescent radio flux is modulated with orbital phase of the system with two minima detected. We suggest that an emission mechanism similar to proposed for RS CVn binary systems could explain observed properties of the AM Her phased radio light curve. In this picture both components are magnetically active and the quiescent radio emission distinguish this kind of binary system from other Polars.