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BRAND — a VLBI Receiver to Cover the Band from 1.5 GHz to 15.5 GHz

Authors: G. Tuccari, W. Alef, M. Pantaleev, M. Lindqvist, J. A. López Pérez, J. A. López Fernández

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS vol. 40

Pages: 46–50

Year: 2017

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Keywords: VLBI, Instrumentation: interferometers.

In the course of the Joint Research Activity BRAND (BRoad-bAND) of RadioNet4 we intend to develop the prototype of a true wide-band VLBI receiver for prime focus operation in the European VLBI Network (EVN). It will cover the frequency range of about 1.5 GHz to 15.5 GHz. The receiver will have a single wide-band feed and amplifier. The analogue signal will not be mixed, but sampled directly for further processing. We will describe the project together with some of the science drivers.