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ERP Service at IAA RAS

Authors: I. S. Gayazov, V. S. Gubanov, S. L. Kurdubov, E. A. Skurikhina, V. V. Suvorkin, V. S. Sharkov, O. A. Bratseva, Ya. P. Rets

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS Issue 39

Pages: 23–29

Year: 2016

About the paper

Keywords: Earth rotation parameters, VLBI-observations, GNSS-observations, SLR-observations, observation analysis

A review is presented about the Earth Rotation Parameter (ERP) Service of the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS. All types of observational data currently used for the ERP determination are processed within its framework. Eight rows of ERP series are supported in total. Besides ERP, various other products are obtained from processing different types of observational data to be scientifically analyzed afterwards. Observational data from the “Quasar” network observatories are collected, archived automatically and sent after processing to the global and regional data centers.