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Co-location of Space Geodetic Techniques at the “Quasar” VLBI Network Observatories

Authors: A. Ipatov, I. Gayazov, S. Smolentsev, D. Ivanov, G. Ilin, N. Shuygina, Yu. Bondarenko

Journal: IVS 2014 General Meeting Proceedings "VGOS: The New VLBI Network" Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong (Eds), 173–177

Year: 2014

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Keywords: s VLBI, SLR, GNSS, DORIS, co-location

The current status of the co-location of space geodetic techniques at the observatories of the “Quasar” VLBI network is considered. The main technical characteristics, co-located high-precision observational instruments, and their systems as well as some results of sessions are presented.