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Повышение точности фундаментальных эфемерид планет EPM

Authors: Pitjeva E., Pavlov D., Skripnichenko V.

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS вып. 36, 41–48

Year: 2016

Keywords: построение эфемерид планет, оптические и радиотехнические данные, точность эфемерид. construction of planetary ephemerides, optical and radio technical observations, accuracy of ephemerides

Фундаментальные эфемериды планет и Луны (EPM) создаются с 70-х годов прошлого века. Некоторые их основные варианты доступны на сайте ИПА РАН EPM2004, EPM2008, EPM2011/m. Версия EPM2014 создавалась с помощью обновленного и уточненного программного комплекса ЭРА 8 The EPM ephemerides (Ephemerides of Planets and the Moon) were first created in the 1970s in support of Russian space flight missions and constantly improved at IAA RAS. The files containing polynomial approximation data for EPM ephemerides: EPM2004, EPM2008, EPM2011/m are available from ftp://quasar. The EPM2014 version has been created by the renewed program complex ERA-8 (Ephemeris Research in Astronomy 8). The following factors influence the accuracy of planet ephemerides: comparability of the planet dynamical models with their motion in reality; quantity and quality of observations with the crucial role of spacecraft ranging and its growing accuracy; and mathematical reduction of observational data. Improvement of all these factors has given a possibility to increase the accuracy of planet ephemerides considerably, which is evident for all planets from a several-fold uncertainty reduction of their formal orbital elements. Especially it is notable for Venus, the Earth, Mars, Saturn and a well provided trajectory data for the spacecraft near these planets